Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spanish Beauty - Barbara Mori - Christian Meier

Spanish Beauty - Full Movie In 15 Mins - Barbara Mori - Christian Meier by Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd
Happy marriages across the world often get wrecked when couples fail to beget a child. In Spanish Beauty, Barbara Mori of 'Kites' fame plays Sonia a depressed woman who is unhappy because she has failed to beget a child even after many years of marriage. To compound her problems, her husband Ishan (Christian Meier) is not very interested in the art of lovemaking. A frustrated Sonia gets romantically involved with Ishan's friend Rohan (Manolo Cardona) and after spending a few nights with him gets pregnant. Watch to know what happens when Ishan finds out about Sonia's infidel ways?

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